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Who We Are

Our Story:

Nation West has a history dating back to 1937, since then we have grown into a leader of innovation and an inclusive brand embracing the rich kaleidoscope we call Canada.

In 2015, Nation West acquired Fort Richmond Travel and was rebranded as the Nation West Travel Centre.

We don’t want you to just go on vacation; we want you to travel. We understand that travelling isn't just about hopping from place to place; it's about soaking in new cultures and faces.

Nation West wants to help you open your senses, feed your soul, be care-free and let wanderlust take control!

Our Mission – It’s All About You:

Nation West Insurance makes an absolute commitment to serve you and solicit service that is unparalleled. We promise to create innovative solutions and make decisions in your best interest.  We’re not just Travel Agents…we’re Travel Experts.

Our Goal – Our Vision for the Future:                                                                                                                         


Nation West will become a leader of innovation in the travel industry and be distinguished as a forward thinking and a distinct brand that resonates with our clients.                                                                                                         


un·par·al·leled  ˌənˈperəˌleld/ - Adjective
having no parallel or equal; exceptional.

wan·der·lust, ˈwändərˌləst/ - noun
a strong desire to travel.

cul·ture, ˈkəlCHər/ - noun
the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.