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Meet Your Travel Experts



Sheri Block
Travel Expert - Corporate Travel - 204-269-9722 Ext. 307


I love all kinds of travel. Flying is a quick way to get to a chosen destination where your adventure begins.  Whereas with a road trip, the adventure begins as soon as you leave your driveway.  Both give me that rush of feeling like I am setting out on a great adventure with the chance to explore the world around me. 


 I love taking my children on trips and watching their faces when they see something new and amazing.  During our travels, we have had many adventures: hiking to the peak of Mount Livermore on Angel Island, canoeing on Emerald Lake, exploring the depths of Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns and searching for fossils at Joggins Fossil Cliffs to name a few. 


Every year we plan one to two trips to explore places we have never been.  We all want to travel all over the world and explore Canada more.  My favourite place to travel so far has been the Canadian East Coast.  My dream trip is to explore the Greek Islands and walk The Great Wall of China.   


 “To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen 







Kapil Sharma

Travel Expert - Personal Travel - 204-269-9722 Ext. 301


Travelling…. It leaves you Speechless, Then Turns you into a Story Teller. ---Ibn Battuta


If I talk about my travel experience, I would say that the journey is always more beautiful than the destination.  Every travel experience for me is thrilling and fills me with new energy. To travel is to live; it excites me, rejuvenates me and echoes in my memories for years to come. On a recent Caribbean cruise, I explored the beautiful beaches of Bahamas, St. Martin & Puerto Rico. I have also explored the heritage of Washington D.C, the liveliness of New York & Miami and the breath-taking beauty of Banff. Being of Indian descent and living in India, I was lucky to travel the entire country, exploring the local culture differentiations & of course, relishing in the cuisine.


And while I have enjoyed the experience of traveling, the best part of my travels is the time spent with my wife and two beautiful daughters; creating precious memories and stories.


“I travel because life is SHORT and the world is HUGE” - Stephaine B.




Amanda Camara 
Travel Expert - Personal Travel - 204-995-1131

I love to travel because you’re experiencing something different. When you travel you meet different life experiences, different cultures, different foods, different stories. It helps keep me down to earth and in touch with the world.  I can’t explain it any other way…then I just love to travel. 

Some of my favourite places to travel have been The UK (London & Oxford); Portugal (Lisbon & The Azores); The Eastern Caribbean (Puerto Rico); and the Florida Keys (Key West)! My most memorable experience was hiking on and through the lava caves on the islands of Pico, Faial and Sao Miguel in the Azores.

If I could offer one bit of travel advice: spontaneity is the best kind of adventure and to just say yes to new adventures.

“Travel does the heart good”




Kenneth Coughlin
Travel Expert & President 

Ken Coughlin attended the University of Manitoba while working part-time for a travel & leisure company promoting and selling university groups trips to Mexico, Florida and Jackson Hole Wyoming. After university Ken entered the insurance industry and worked in the family business.

In 2012 Ken ventured on his own and started Nation West Insurance and in 2015 Fort Richmond Travel was acquired and rebranded under the Nation West banner.

In looking back, what started as a passing interest in the travel industry, has now come full circle and become a core part of our business.

In addition to his business interests, Ken has been actively traveling; his favourite way to travel is cruising.


"I love to travel because every new journey provides a fresh life experience; and then a story to share"